To simplify your search for an eyebrow solution, we grouped our photos according to problems we’ve seen and resolved over the years. Accordingly, please review the pictures on this page to identify whether you need help with: PARTIAL Loss, COMPLETE Loss, THINNING (Sparse), UNEVEN (Asymmetrical) or (Solid) TATTOOED eyebrows. Click on the desired picture to access our high resolution photos so you can review and inspect our artistic designs in detail. We hope you select our services based on our aesthetic experience and testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Eyebrows, Eyeliners and Lips Corrective Permanent Makeup Photos


Partial LOSS Eyebrows

Bald spot, scar, elevated-tail, skinny-tail, comma eyebrows

FULL LOSS Eyebrows

Alopecia, cancer, aging, complete loss of eyebrows hair


Sparse, falloff and/or gradual decline of eyebrows hair growth

UNEVEN Eyebrows

Eyebrows of different length, height, width and/or shape


Solid unpleasant shape, wrong color, discolored or faded tattoo


Thin, thick, butterfly, traditional and custom design

LIPS Liners & Shading

Custom design, balance contour and flawless color application

​Eyebrows Cosmetic Restoration Solutions

"Vanny is not only an artist but also a perfectionist. The procedure was painless and the result perfect. In addition Vanny is a lovely person with a sweet disposition. Her office is immaculate and the entire experience was great. I highly recommend her!! My eyebrows look spectacular!!"

Diane T.  5-star Google Review

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